The dems and liberals want to instruct your children.  They prefer to have sex with them—-to accommodate them, vote Democratic.


The Commanders name will never be used.  The New York Knickerbockers are called the Knicks.  The New York Metropolitans are called the Mets.  The Washington Football Team will be called The Comms ( Commies ).

Ole lying Jeff will be called ex President of CNN.

The question about Jeff being fired is, why now ?  Their affair has been known for years.


The Woke BLM District Attorneys run their campaigns on bias/hate of the law.

Don’t say anything, most civilian dressed authorities are Woke Commies.


After retiring, Brady is going to become a female swimmer.


The I Want Mine Editor:   Who are the rats today, LL ?

The I Want Mine And Yours Cat:  The usual suspects, but I will list them for our new loyal readers.  It’s a mix of commies and traitors.  Apple is the big traitor today–with the approval of Congress.

These include several people and organizations.

I hope Nancy retires this year to spend more time with her Creator.

We have the “some say-they say” BS again making policy for 330 million Americans.  The Sphinx says it is an OK sign-FSS and FTS and FJB.

Here is a hand signal for “Help”, unless the wokers say it means White Power.

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