This is a joke.  Every bill Congress passes has a clause that says something like – we will use American products unless it would be quicker to use other products or labor.   CHINA is what they will not say.

Pamela is on her way to the slammer.

The dems have more problems, how sad.

China treats Olympic Children like California Democrats treat children without masks.

Joe and Jinping are the men.

Garcetti is a California criminal.


Have you forgotten where all of the ANTI-VACCINE talk originated?  It started with the Democrats and msm, when they were running against Trump.  It’s the same as Hillgal and the Russian BS against Trump.

Who knew, Trudeau is Black and once-upon-a-time-Stormy Daniels was a Nun.


The Constitution says, with good behavior, they must serve until the day they keel over and die. They must be naughty to leave.

Science for today–suitable for children.


The Mouse Editor:  What is going on with Disney, LL ?

Dopey Cat:  A bunch of Disney news is making the rounds.  Here are a few.  The first is a Disney heiress who thinks they cheat their employees–the ones left after they fired hundreds and replaced them with immigrants.

Minnie becomes less feminine.

Not-so-Stormy will testify that Joe’s Supreme nominee is LGBTQI for a few bucks.  Avenatti will represent her if he can get out of prison on a work-release-program.

Are these articles make believe, like Disney being a family organization ?  Do Michigan schools use litter boxes for children ?

Oregon still wants your children to be gay.

Let’s end on a happy Disney tune, from the olden days.

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