Everyone should read up on your vaccines, especially for children.


Olympic News.  XI Jinping told them to shut up or they would wind up in a Uyghurs slave camp making Nikes & Apple watches.

Our Congress has sold us out, but you know that.


Obama has the Magnum, P. I. mansion torn down to make a bigger mansion.  He has promised to let homeless veterans live there when he is living in one of his other mansions.  He has White Privilege.


This isn’t even newsworthy–isn’t there some racism somewhere ?  Were the kids wearing masks ?

A plane crash on the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier.

Biden’s new grant-program will supply crack-pipes.


It has all been a scam/control/harm America deal from day one.  The masks have also been useless, except for the N95.

Nancy and the rest are common thieves.  Anybody voting for these crooks deserves what is happening.

Nothing but the facts.


Why hasn’t karma visited these teachers ?

The Bee.


The Brass Editor:  Will the Republicans rub a pair on Wall Street, LL ?

Polish These Cat:  It is too much to ask them to grow a pair, but a rub of the Wall Street Bull is certainly possible.  Use the Bull for good luck.

The Republicans can’t harm themselves anymore than the msm. They’re already called racist, Nazis, White supremacist, etc.  Look at Sotomayor’s questions on the vaccine regulations.  She is functionally illiterate.  Hold up any Biden nomination with the Senate rules.  Put America First.  DC is a maggot infested cow pie.

I’m a cat, but I know one thing.  You have to be just as sleazy, unethical, without morals-scruples-belief in America-equality-justice, and crooked to fight Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Billionaires that own the MSM/social media.

We need some Canadian Truckers, and some Hong Kong protesters.

Run by Black Democrats, Baltimore’s problems are Tucker’s fault.  They can take a bribe, but not the truth.

They need Shaft to clean up Baltimore and Chicago.

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