This is some great news.  Roberts is still a Democrat/Liberal.


Every Republican HOR member and Senator should run on this in their home states.  The only good thing Biden has done is kill a terrorist.

Olympic news.

This guy was a bully when he was hired.

The Kiwis want their freedom.  Where are America’s Truckers ?  Block DC for the State of the Union speech ( SOTU ).

Kennedy is on track.

Every day, Richard Nixon looks more like a patriotic freedom loving guy.


Breaking news, Breaking news.  The new White House Cat, Willow, has been tasked with cleaning up our Southern Frontier.

Stupidity has no boundaries.


Georgia, USA, is the most current state to have Marxist-Communist-Creeps, try to brainwash kids in school.  The teachers need to sign loyalty oaths like they do in Beijing.


The Foreign Editor:  Is potpourri French or something, LL ?

The Oui Oui Cat:  Oui is French for yes, pronounced more or less as we-we.  It is French in origin.  They can use potpourri for the different Ruskies that invade France after the Ukraine deal is over.

TFE:  Is Chyron French ?

No, it comes from the company that designs electronic graphics.  Our senior readers probably call it a crawler.  It is a message that moves across your TV screen.  In DC they are called democrats–they crawl around in slime.

TFE:  Why are you interested in science, and culture ?

Our loyal readers might get on Jeopardy, and need to know stuff.

Ochre must be a tough pigment to last over 12,000 years in a rain forest ?

The Great Lakes are about to overflow.  The Liberals from Wisconsin to New York might be washed to the Gulf of Mexico.

Joe hires kid to teach Hunter about art.

Make love not peace.


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