Olympic news.

The R’s in every non-sanctuary state need to get busy, kick the fascist out of schools and local governments.

Every dollar you have saved or will earn is worth this much LESS.

Hunter or Nancy will get the distribution rights.

This is funny.


Poor Christopher.

Fauci says it is true.


Stacey Abrams is a media creation, like Sponge Bob or Donald Duck.  The last one, fabricated by the dems, is Kamala.

The Weekly Bee.


The Muckraker Editor:  Is hookah a person the Secret Service always gets caught having sex with, but not paying them, LL ?

Toker Smoker Cat:  No, those would be hookers, and the SS would be cheap whore-hoppers.  Hooker’s origin is debatable.

Hookah, at least, has a point of origin.

For some reason, Amigo associates hookahs and opium dens.  He probably read about the caucuses in Congress and just assumed that only an opium addict could make such f*cked up laws.

Hookahs came to my attention due to a shoot-out in a hookah near Virginia Tech.

Let’s hope the Rs avoid any sex problems, and play like professionals.  Don’t hook any shots.

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