More news on scummy Democrats.  Hillgal wants back in politics.


Maybe Jill wanted a new sweater.  The 9-11 families have been well compensated, give the money to disabled veterans.  The humanitarian aid goes to terrorism, just like Obama’s payoff to the Iranians.

Bird flu is back.

BLM is a scam.

Rand Paul wakes up.

Olympic news.  NBC is owned by Comcast.


This is why Dianne will die behind her desk,  just like Nancy.

Get your sweetie what Nancy gets for herself.


Kamala gets a new staff for Valentine’s day.


The Love Editor:  What is Valentine’s Day, LL ?

The Cherub Cat:  It has become a day to celebrate romance.  Here are some old and older origins.  When the Greek and Roman Gods get involved, I lose concentration.

The ancient Greek and Roman Gods sound like the Democrats in D.C. and sanctuary states.

Try these gifts.

Our millions of male readers can show their romantic side with these helpful hints.  She will think you can read her mind.

Always have diamond stud ear rings for emergencies.  It’s too late this year, but keep that in mind.

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