San Fransucko voters have a lucid moment.

I wonder if ole Chris had an electric door-lock like Lauer.

Prince Andrew closes his diary.

Hillgal makes more headlines.

California deserves what they get.  Nancy is a little pig running around the sow ( America ).

An ad from the William Penn state.

Biden is trying for freezing of water 32 degrees,  then we want to add the windchill factor next week.

Maybe Joe will reach the current inflation rate.  Your money is now worth 10% less.


GoFundMe has turned into a political organization ( Political Action Committee–PAC ).  Someone should begin a conservative platform.

Those Chinese are pretty sneaky.


The time has come.


The Slime Editor:  What is hard to follow, LL ?

The Merger Cat:  Before the merger mess—I would like to see a law passed stating that all entities reporting any news must be a stand-alone-business.  It must pay its own way.  No support from the likes of AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

This is the latest on the CNN-AT&T-Warner Media-Discover Fuster Cluck.

The Discovery CEO, Zaslav, started off by saying that CNN was so far to the left that they should have their office in Havana.  The CNN stoolies quickly corrected him.

After reading this about 10 times, you might understand it.  With some of the 2,000 page laws that Pigwoman and Schumer write, their convoluted minds would need to read only half.

Willow, our spy in the White House, reports the biggest problem that Zaslav expects is a shortage of GLBTQIOU employees to run the combined enterprise.  She also reports that Zucker was fired because he was the only straight guy at CNN.

TSE:  Did Willow report anything else ?

She said the biggest problem there was dodging all the old coots when they fall.  The whole place has a foot of bubble-wrap on the floors.  She can go anywhere except the Al Sharpton Bedroom, previously known as The Lincoln Bedroom.

I would like to hear this from the dems.


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