If you have older phones or other wireless devices (security systems, etc.) read this.


Stafford tells woman to take it like a left-coast man.

Olympic news.

Trump platform coming soon.


Nancy and her fellow traitors get another suck on the public teat.


News from the New York Times.  Did I mention their founders were slave owners !!!!

Letting Kamila  continue just makes all other medals worthless–much like America’s slimy POS officials.

One of every three Americans visited Florida in 2021.

Zucker’s mistress resigned.  She is probably going to work for MSNBC or one of the Cuomo molesters.

The feud is a MSM attempt to divide Republicans.


If the Republicans get a majority in the HOR and don’t start their own investigations, I won’t vote for them again.  We are in a war.

Janet will protect the dollar.


Some things are hard to believe.  United said if he had a mask on it was OK.


Look Under The Rocks Editor:  Is Willow still helping out with the DC Scum, LL?

The Puzzle Solving Cat:  She sure is, her cornrows give her access to many meetings that are not publicized.  Cats have had cornrows since ancient Egypt, as everyone except Oregon children know, that is in Africa.

DC rumors say these 3 people are the same person.  When a Black guy is needed, the ex-Virginia Blackface Governor Northam does makeup for the third guy.  These creeps have never been seen together, that should tell you something.

Here is more valuable insider information.

The new guy has new rules.

Many of the people at CNN worked in constant fear that they were exposed to many STD’s.  Willow found this secret video of how many people who make up the news dressed at work.  Many look like giant condoms.

We also know the Class 4 rating was not a 4–see COVID 19 world wide deaths.

An old guy wins the surfing title.

This is our best surfing song.

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