Castro’s son in Canada will take your pets if you are protesting, after eight days consider them relinquished.  If they run out of room, they kill them.  You can’t pay for their fees–they have already taken your bank account–YOU PROTEST CANUCKS.   Biden and the dems are taking notes.

A baby formula recall.


Genocide Barbie might get more money from Communist China this year than Joe and Hunter.

This is worth repeating.

Mark is just GOOFY.

An update.

RIP P.J.  A funny conservative.

We can see a trend, maybe.

Virginia is free.

Joe and the dems goal is to make gas so expensive that electric cars are the solution.  They still want your vote.


Play hardball. If you don’t, it will be like a sanctuary HOR for the dems.

I hope this works out.  The Chamber of Commerce has been an open border-Democratic-political arm for years.

Let’s have our turn for some fun.  Investigate Nancy’s Chinese ties.


Say no way.  Go to the DNC or Clinton Library.

Soar like an Eagle.


The Captivating Editor:  What is interesting, LL ?

The Riveting Cat:  These articles will entertain and educate our loyal readers.  Remember Nuclear Power Plants are the most dangerous thing on Earth.  The U.S. has millions of tons of spent radioactive fuel which it can’t get rid of–there is no way to store it.  Some nuclear waste is dangerous for 50,000 years.

Some dog breeds need to be corrected with gene innovations or banned, like Democrats.

Is this interesting or what ?

This is amazing.  The red hourglass on a Black Widow Spider appears to warn off predators, while being invisible to prey.

Spanish horses brave fires to ward off danger.

A good Samaritan couple build a home for Joe and Jill.

Half of a Honus is a bonus.

If you know what is good for you, you will toe or walk the line.


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