California parents don’t care about elementary school daughters.  I wonder if the teachers were paid.  It happens too often not to be a part of liberal/dem culture.

Pigleosi and Bowser offer a job to the Ottawa police chief.

Family Dollar warehouse infested with democrRATS.

The Canucks need some illegals to horse-whip or trample.

Another cosmetic surgeon fails.

Social media sites are dangerous.  Young adults give too much information away.  They aren’t mature.

Hopefully Trump or DeSantis will be elected and prosecute the traitors.

Time marches on.


Joe has some great personnel appointees.  I hope his Supreme Court pick is as qualified.


Maybe AI isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.  Trump could use it to find Hunter.


The Dope Fiend Editor:  Is The Donald still on the trail of Hunter Biden, LL ?

The Mushroom Cat:  He sure is, he is tracking his paintings, and will soon catch him.  Catch him just in time for prosecution by an honest DOJ.  Biden giving crack-cocaine pipes to degenerates, reinvigorated Trump.

If the FBI is too busy, there are other ways.

Be careful of truckers.

You can bet money on this.  When you don’t agree with the Democrats you go from HEROES to Criminals.  Just ask the medical people, truckers, cops, etc.,  last year they were heroes now they are criminals.

Our weary truckers should avoid Nancy’s and her nephew Gavin’s hotels in California.


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