Today will be a wonderful day, 2-22-22.

Ancient lives weren’t necessarily shorter than those of today.

It takes two to Tango, three was a crowd before LGBTQIDONTKNOW.

This is interesting.

Finish of Daytona 500.

Go Canucks.

Sphinx readers know that dems get prior info about questions they will be asked.

The Epstein Diary.  I wonder where the Lolita Express pilot is hiding.


The dems just can’t do sleepovers.


Here are two great photos.  Nixon was a piker compared to Hillgal.  He only tried to cover up a burglary.

This is a late entry.  Those dems, what a bunch of jokers.  Vote Democratic again.


The hopping pop-up ads will be like trying to squash a roach, when they are caught in the light, like  dems getting their government crack-pipe.


Info on the 2022 Senate races.,_2022

More jobs are on the way.


The Freedom Editor:  Are the left/dems/commies/crooks, and msm attacking freedom now, LL ?

For Sure Cat:  They sure are, I hope our freedom defenders don’t get lazy and sit out the midterms.

Once these POS get to D.C. they never leave.  It’s where the money is located.

Nancy and her family probably have rooms here.


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