This is funny.  We would have been best buddies with Russia, if the Democrats and media hadn’t poisoned Trump’s foreign policy with Putin.  The lies continue after 5 years.  Thanks, Nancy and the rest. The funny part is over 2 million illegals have crossed our open border since Joe took office, and we are supposed to get excited over Ukraine’s border.

Scroll down a few inches for a map.  I hope he doesn’t keep going to Paris.  Is Germany still buying Russia’s natural gas ?  Joe approved the pipeline that Trump had stopped.

This whole deal is another Democratic made crisis, to replace COVID-19.


Loyal reader D. A. sent this video that I am using to show where America is, and what she needs.  Democrats and Liberals aren’t included.

They are trying to save Alec from a manslaughter charge.  Here is a cop who made a mistake trying to arrest a criminal.

Sphinx readers know that Bill Clinton and a few other men are being protected.

Protesters should Close D.C., not the Capitol building.  Fence in the whole district Nancy.  Nancy probably has relatives in the fence industry or gets a kickback.

BLM/Antifa are still at it.


Californians voted to keep Newsom ( Nancy’s Nephew ).  They can go pound some Malibu sand or use it to keep cool.


We have covered every type of cosmetic surgery, including people identifying as doctors using Fix-A-Flat to increase butt size.  Be careful, everyone isn’t a real MD.  Many are failed democratic Congresspeople.

This practice can be very hurtful.  It is believed that Pigelosi had this procedure.

Be careful of these non-CDC approved tips.


The   Editor:  What is if about, LL ?

The Time For Change Cat:  The second and third links are what the R’s and independent Americans need to do if they win the HOR and/or Senate.  Take no prisoners.  In the meantime, they shouldn’t approve of any Commie Joe nominees .

TE:  Should they be as unethical, slimy, crooked, bigoted, racist, etc., as the dems have been for the past 5 years ?  This is one example.

TTFCC:  They should act like they are saving America.  The next two links would be a start.  A tough HOR speaker is needed.  None of this good-buddy crap.  Appoint Trump Speaker if they can’t find a person who is tough enough.

A person with this attitude could clean out the Pentagon, and Armed Forces.  The same attitude could clean out the DOJ and every other rat infested public office.

MST contributed this, written by the author of The Jungle Book.

The R’s should tell the D’s this.


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