The People’s Convoy news.  They need about $75,000 a day for the thousands of trucks.

Trump news.

New York City is a rat hole.  If the illegals were gone, half the apartments would be empty.  Vote Democratic.

I hope he gets enough  that he never has to work again.  I hope the slanderers go bankrupt paying attorney fees.

Rent a car, circle the Beltway and run out of gas.

Support the Democrats.  Psaki said inflation was good for you—have a Margarita.

I bet the dems wish they had these powers.

Vermont lets non-citizens vote.


Joe and the dems only policy is taking your money.

This is for our ” Show Me State ” voters.


Masks are ineffective, but the dems, teachers, and airlines keep pushing them.  It must be a power thing.

The danger is over, as the dems say–science has changed.


The Sex Editor:  What is going on with sex, LL ?

My Uncle Is A Peeping Tom Cat:  Here are some links that I ran across.

Even your phone has a correct way to be held.

Pigelosi is losing her grip on hate and power.  Her replacements are getting in position.  The big bonus is access to insider trading and governments contracts for spouses.

Hollywood’s loss was our misfortune.  I guess tomorrow is another day.

Joe knows about the Devil.


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