A little Ukraine information.  Putin doesn’t care about sanctions, he has more money than Elon Musk.  He can get anything he wants from China.  Ukraine is a European problem.  Biden can worry about Taiwan and China.

Maybe the New York City investigators have dropped their political war on the Trumpster.

AT&T discontinued 3G technology on the 22nd.  Does your car navigation system still work ?  I bet Putin has 5G.

Goldman-Sachs employees are forced to eat Alpo dog food.

Maybe the truckers will motivate some new people.

The fools that elected them will believe them.

China is a threat, Joe is their pet.

RIP Gary.


This is a good Irishman.

The same researchers worked for Fauci.

We know the feds are partners with the MSM and social media.


I wonder if Jefferson was as smart as Hillgal ?

All R’s should be running 30 second collages of these jokers displaying their BS for the past 4 years.  Maybe toss in a BLM riot or two.

The cream rises to the top.


The We Will Tell You What Is Good For You Editor:  What is going on with governments, LL ?

The Liberty Cat:  That’s a big subject.  There are all types.  Here are some reasons they collapse.,_Lord_Woodhouselee

Personally, I think they collapse from an overwhelming enemy force or/and a rot from inside the country.  You can eat these after the crash.

New Zealand and Canada have turned into almost dictatorships, so has America.

Castro’s son in the Frozen North has threatened to seize the bank accounts of protesters, stop their insurance, kill their pets, and seize professional licenses.  He is almost as bad as Pigleosi & Bowser sealing off the Capitol with the military.

These are a few of our loyal Republicans who work for Communist China. They, along with many dems, are part of the rot that Tulsi Gabbard mentioned in 2016.

Let our commies take a knee to this.  We will see how many Nikes they can glue together in a 20 hour work day.  They will beg to be transferred to the American Flag factory.


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