This map will help sort some things out.  I didn’t include Delaware, USA, where Biden is at home.

Things are happening too fast.  These links aren’t necessarily in chronological order.  Maybe you can sort them out.

NATO and the European Union deserve the same fate as Ukraine.  Those two feckless organization should have told Putin a month ago that no Russian products would be bought by them and that they would be banned from SWIFT financial system as long as they were on Ukrainian territory.  Biden is still buying Rooskie Oil, and they are still SWIFT members.

Ukraine attacks Russian airport.

Poland shames the Germans.

Slovakia is sending aid.

The Rainers are funny.

Putin is mad.

This video is old, but you can see some of the problems.


The Rainers are doing their best.  This is from 02-26-22–Saturday morning in America.  Biden has gone home to Delaware.


I want to see Ketanji treated just like Kavanaugh.  Again, every R that votes for her should be targeted at their next election.  I think the new word is “primaried.”

One of the creatures on the view is worried that the war will delay her vacation.  John Kerry told Putin not to dirty the air.

Joe is a Liberal-Sanctuary Supporting-Democratic-Open Border-LOSER.

At Daytona, Joe is still the man.

Musk tells Pocahontas to go back to the Reservation.

In the olden days, the opposing party gave a rebuttal speech.  After looking a Tlaib I can see a benefit for wearing niqabs and burkas.

Rid’em Bronco Sarah.

The song sanctions are tougher than Joe’s.  Putin was going to get the Rooskie to sing Crimea a river.

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