I can barely keep up with the news.  Joe has made his SCOTUS nominee.  She will be ruling more to the Radical Left than Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Any Republican Senator who votes for her should be targeted for replacement at their next election.  We will have another RBG for over 30 years.


Here is another article from future Pulitzer Prize winner, Chase Tomlin, MST’s Grandson.

In addition to sending our Southern border agents to help relocate Ukrainian refugees, Joe wants to send Antifa/BLM members over to instruct the U’s on how to make Molotov Cocktails.  Joe and Nancy want the arsonist back before the midterm elections.

NASCAR beats the Commie Olympics and Commie NBA All-Star Game.

Europe has about 750  million people and Commie Joe wants to send our Southern Border Agents to process fleeing Ukrainians.  Send the troops Nancy and Bowser have been using to intimidate peaceful truck protesters.  Congress should stop the insanity.

Kerry is worried about air emissions in Ukraine.  I wonder if the portable crematoriums are polluting.  Biden would be checking his watch every 3 minutes.

New York City is a putrid cesspool.

Oops, what a joke.  We are still buying oil and gas from the Rooskies.


Rick Scott is right, but cat-speaking, the vulnerable races should have millions spent on them.

Ukraine’s border should be as open as America’s.  Pray for the truck convoy, Biden might shoot them like China and Tienanmen square.

This will prepare the little boogers for a good life.

This player is like a Liberal/dem, they can’t follow rules.


I can’t repeat this enough.  Get involved in your schools.

The dems love taking your God given rights away.

Get a hobby or read actual books.


The Inquisitive Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

I Know Cat:  Our new reporter at the White House, Willow, has found out how to get rid of crooked politicians in The District of Columbia.  It’s simple.  The Kentucky Derby waited until a dope-fiend horse died, then they took away the Kentucky Derby win from last year.

The feds get an F in everything they did concerning COVID-19, or anything else.  Basically everything was a lie, and they are still covering up the mismanagement.

This is the best mask N95, made in America.

I guess only the police screw-ups reach the news.  There are millions of interactions every day.

R’s should use this in their commercials.

Willie looks like Biden with a beard.

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