Trump got the ball rolling on minorities.  The GOP should invest some money.

The Pope also said that doctors could use a treadmill while giving abortions.

Tony must be at a Pfizer board meeting.


Slaves, what slaves, need a kidney ?

This applies to more dems than you think.


The Everything Editor:  What’s up, LL ?

Knick-Knack Cat:  First is the Pennsylvania Governor candidate.  He sounds like Romney.  Trump and the RNC should check him out.

Sphinx readers know that people with power and/or money don’t give them up without some motivation.  I can imagine Nancy and the other traitors waking up with a startle.

True or not it’s nice to think of creeps getting what they deserve, like a Clint Eastwood movie.

I hope they go bankrupt.  Disney owns the lying ABC.

The China/NBC Olympics were a dud.  Personally, I think they should be free on over-the-air networks.  Their Olympic flag looks like barbwire.

Any informed reader knows they have lied since day one.  A couple of months ago Pfizer asked the CDC to release data 75 years from now, about the same time JFK’s murderer will be exposed.

This dad should include a camera.

Every one helps, school boards are also local.

The truth about any politician is definitely not in the fast lane to be released.  Look at the deaths by hanging while in prison, under guard, and security cameras concerning the Epstein cover up.


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