I wouldn’t trust Drudge for anything other than the war.

News from France.

News from Austria.

Here are some results of the Woke, BLM/Antifa/MSM love fest.

If Putin attacks a NATO member us and Europe will have a big war.

MST suggested that we take in 50,000 Rainer refugees, and let them guard our Southern Frontier.

Did “The Simpsons” predict the war ?

Biden ends investigation into Chinese spying.  He said it might interfere with his and Hunter’s Chinese bank accounts.

It could be a ghost.

Ron should open his own Delaware Fund.  Corn Pop could be the administrator.

See if you are a psychopath.


This is why we need some viscous Republicans after the midterms.

Watch for these telltale signs in October.


There is no doubt here.

This is more Monopoly Bull Shat.


The Inquiring Editor:  One loyal reader wants to know if Bezos’ employees really pee in bottles, LL ?

The Answer Cat:  That’s so last-decade.  This is his new policy.  This job opened up when Obama started supervising his new Hawaii mansion.

TIE:  Will Jeff’s new yacht have a similar service, TAC ?

Yes, but it will improve for many.  It’s like the democrats being thieves, they do it, we know they do it, and we do it.

Deck one will be  in a Louie XIV decor.

TIE:  Hooray for Kanye, for avoiding the monster monopolies.

We need more Judge Jacksons.  Maybe she could sentence the Smollett guy from Chicago, its been 3 years.

The Chinese have a dirty plan.

Do you love me ?  Get as dirty as the Democrat Politicians.

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