Maybe this is the plan.  The problem for America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, etc., is on the other side of the world.

They could shoot Bacon Bits.

Elon is doing his part.

Rainers will soon replace all late night comedians and Psaki.

Ketanji is a Marxist from the Third District ( DC ) land of commies, tyrants, and slimy federal officials like Judge Sullivan.

She should be in Cuba, either in Havana or GITMO.

With masks and COVID disappearing from news cycles, Ukraine is the target for censorship, for a while.  We would like Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon to also be included in Name The Place.  We use place because using country implies having borders.

Swalwell is a Californication poster boy.

Get some of his Chinese money, Kyle.

California doctors should practice on their members of Congress.


I don’t trust any American MSM.  They are Democratic butt-buddies.  CNN seems to want viewers to return.  They are a POS.  For 5 years they haven’t told the truth.  I will never watch or believe them.

The Weekly Bee.


Washington State is a Democratic Concentration Camp.

I hope Putin has made a fatal error.


The Carnival Editor:  Is this about the fairs and carnivals that travel America during the Fall, LL ?

Po Boy Cat:  No, this is about Mardi Gras in Nawleans.  It is supposed to be a religious holiday.  Here is a little info.

Let the good times roll is a popular saying and attitude.

Some behind the scenes views.


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