Kiev news.

The dems aren’t too stupid.

Nancy looks like a witch in Macbeth tossing bat wings into the cauldron.

Putin may want more real estate.

The Social Media need to be regulated or broken-up as monopolies.

Maybe Moochelle Obama should intervene again.

So long Bucky-you were a damn good dog, even though we hardly knew thee.

This is almost as sad as Bucky.


The biggest POWER COUPLE is the Federal Government and big business (media).

The FBI uses this feature to report on Federal Democratic Employees Crimes.


This sure beats the new Washington NFL team name, Fumb Duckers.


The Sex Editor:  Who is eligible to be our Power-Couple winner, LL ?

Chromosome Cat:  Any two people, one with XX and the other with XY, chromosomes.  We use science, no sex change hormone treatments are allowed.

AOC and her Significant Other Person ( SOP ) are definitely in the race.  Here she is relieving stress.  In a few weeks a lot of Americans will use cold bath water because they can’t afford gas or electricity.

Hill & Bill were once a power couple, but that was a while back.  They, reportedly, made more people disappear than David Copperfield.

Joe & Jill couldn’t even keep their dog named, Vince Foster, from disappearing.  Joe also made a grandchild disappear.

Harry and Meghan just don’t cut it.  Harry almost disappeared from the House of Windsor.

We have a tie between Donald & Melania Trump and  Ron and Casey DeSantis.

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