I would like to see  the political traitors in America have their assets seized.

If fraud and corruption could cause destruction, both political parties would vanish.


Results from the Lone Star State voters.  I hope they vote Jeb Bush’s son out of the AG race.

Trump should support Shukri.

Take back control of your kitchen shelves.

Manchin speaks again.

We need Vindman to report this phone call—to Pigleosi.

More rich people are being robbed.

Have some fun.

Sam doesn’t like this movie.  He used up our ration of the F word for a week.  The second link is a cowboy.


Watch this, you might have a problem.


Free Canada.

Alaska is a wonder.


The Bean Editor:  What’s up with coffee, LL ?

Espresso Cat:  Some of our readers want to know if coffee is green, not harmful to the Earth.  Here is a little history.

This is a coffee plant.

How much to use ?

If grown responsibly, coffee plants are as green as any other plant.  Juan Valdez did it right.

This is an old commercial that uses science, much like Joe and Fauci.  One difference being, no beagles or monkeys were killed for science.

Taster’s Choice made coffee commercials a soap opera.

Thank the dems for higher prices.

This is even more expensive.  As the dems say, follow the science, until they don’t.

This is an early coffee shop song.  They were a lot cheaper than Starbucks.

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