Biden should be impeached, today.

Don’t let Putin take your mind off of your real enemy, District of Columbia, Politicians.  Mostly dems but many Rs.  I almost forgot union teachers and local school boards.

Europe and America are frauds for still buying Rooskie gas and oil.

California gas reaches $5.00 a gallon, it’s on the way to $6.00.  Vote for your dems again.

Vlad needs to be stopped.  Europe is a lost cause.


Illinois is arguably the slimiest most corrupt state in the Union, home to Obama and his entourage.  In the second link, scroll down a few inches.

Putin wanted to run for Governor of Illinois, but the Democrats said he wasn’t slimy enough.  They told him to go to Netflix.

I hope these companies stand tough until Russia is out of Ukraine, including Crimea.

Some guys are getting wise.  Get about 10 or more million saved, and save your body.

Don’t mess with Texas.


Comrade Trudeau has been busy.

Canada’s greatest law officer is Dudley Do-Right.


School boards need reeducation camps.


The Frozen North Editor:  Some of our loyal readers don’t know much about Canada, can you help them LL ?

The Canuck Cat:  I sure can, here are some important dates.

These are some attractions and entertainers.

Provinces or states ( for our Oregon readers ) are on this map.

Here are some population numbers.  Ninety-percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the northern border of the U.S.A.  They are lucky, the southern border starts at the Panama Canal.

Canada has about the same population as California.  This is the best racial stats I could find.

In the Province of Quebec, about 80% of the people speak French.  Canada is headed toward Communism, like our Democrat led districts and sanctuary states.

You can take a train across The Great North.

This is interesting.

Canada’s anthem, and a Canadian sings another song.

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