The Big D isn’t Dallas, Texas anymore.  It’s the Mayor of Chicago’s dic*, or so she says.  She gives the LGBTQI Americans a bad name.  She is filthy, slimy, and just a nasty person.  Maybe she should stop the record murder rate, after she gets her jockstrap adjusted.

This is child abuse, but it fits the democrat’s plans.

Stacey is incompetent, unqualified, ignorant of the Constitution, Black, and female.  I hope Georgians can do better.  According to Biden, she fits his Supreme Court qualifications.

You can’t believe these fascist.

I’m sorry karma wasn’t focused.

She is like the Trans-Admiral, and other Radical-Left-Democrats the dems like.  Let the dems approve her-no Republican yes votes.

Another dem is caught lying.


Remastered Apollo photos.

Is it true ?  You decide.

The Chinese press is more open than ours.


Putin is warned, I hope this article isn’t too late.  The Trans-Admiral has a chest full of fruit salad.

Everything you want from the feds requires a Freedom of Information lawsuit, and a lead time of a year.


A Little This And That Editor:  What is up with salads, LL ?

Iceberg Lettuce Cat:  Salads come in almost as many varieties as recent sex/gender identities.  These are real salads.

I love salads, as you can see some are complete meals.  With a little bread, almost all would be a treat.  Here are some occasions where salads have sort of crossed over to politics.

This is a famous language expert translating Bidenese, a Language Salad.

These two leaders of The Free World, I am reluctant to say it, are retarded.  The Sphinx only uses the word retarded for politicians.

Poor Putin, after listening to Joe and Kamala, he thought he had already invaded Ukraine and forgotten about it.  His advisers immediately advised him to hire the Vindeman anonymous witness who spoke of Trumps phone call and Ralphie.

Maybe our Wordsmiths will form some old-sayings.

I’ve developed a low opinion of teachers.  They seem to be teaching hate, masturbation, gay sex, hormone treatments, and gender orgies.  The teacher probably couldn’t think without race or homosexuality being in the question.

Putin refuses to be separated any longer from the people of Ukraine, he says love ( and 42 battalions ) will keep them together .

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