The Iditarod Race started yesterday.  This article was planned for the 5th, but Lightfoot’s Big D delayed the report.  She was born 2,000 years late.

The race is to honor a delivery of serum to a snowed in Nome from Fairbanks Alaska. 

You can’t call AAA.

The mushers will wear sweaters, like Jimmy CAAARRTER, in the 1970’s to keep warm.  That will show those Rooskies.

I hope the Republicans are making notes on this Russian buddy-buddy crap.

Ron keeps defending America.



This is a great article.  Liberal BS in sanctuary states/cities, and our criminal justice system will never work.  The rich push the BS, but fly their private planes, live behind gated communities, and are exempt from the law.  I wonder how many Ukrainians wish Trump was back with his mean tweets ?

Biden is a tough monkey.


Portugal has the waves.

Everyone who has reached puberty knows their parents hate them.


The International Geopolitical Editor:  Did you personally check out the tyrant, Putin, invading Ukraine, LL ?

Fly Me Cat:  I sure did, Amigo sent me in a special POD to avoid wearing a mask and getting a vaxx.  Next time I’m flying on a private jet, no more cheap accommodations for me.*

TIGE:  For our new readers, what are your qualifications?

This is me in the Iraq War, and catching Saddam Hussein.

I would like to take care of this retarded C word.

These young women are stupid for not calling in sick or changing to another school.  Stand up for yourself–your school is a woker.

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