Your Beef Jerky might be recalled.

CAT POLITICS.  This is the best way to get Ukraine back on the freedom list.  The European Union, NATO-including America need to keep the TOTAL SWIFT SANCTIONS, and  buy nothing from Russia, including gas and oil.  Tell the government of Russia when they return to their own soil the sanctions will be lifted.  Crimea is not part of Rooskiland.  If it takes 50 years, so be it.

Those Cali voters love, Nancy, Newsom, Feinstein, Maxine, and Schiff.  Their gas should be costing $7.00 a gallon by Wednesday.

Durham is still busy.

More of The People’s Convoy.

Lori Lightfoot renounces her tribal ancestry, and joins California’s porn industry.  Lori of the Big Member.  She will test the army’s new equipment.


These companies own Congress.

You should also be wary when you hear a democrat or msm spokesperson.


Follow these tips and be happy again.


The State Of The Union Editor:  Why did you wait so long to report on the SOTU, LL ?

Entertainment Cat:  Nothing important was discussed. I will miss Ole Hog Pigleosi.  Let me get this out of the way.  Any empire, nation, state, district, county, city, town, municipality, or school board that would have someone like Pigelosi represent them is not a place where cleanliness or freedom exist.  She is a C word.  Here is one of her previous SOTU stateswoman acts.

On 3-1-22 she looked like she had a hog orgasm when Retardo Joe mentioned soldiers being poisoned.  She is unclean, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, ethically, and any other trait that separates humans from Dung Beetles.

This is my favorite clip of the old hag.  Trump cancelled her trip after the HOR members had already taken their first Oxycontin pill and had their first drink of Tequila.

Joe and the dems who support her are no better.

You can’t even escape stupidity by switching to game shows.

More Joe lies.

When Joe said ” Let’s go get’m ” I thought he was talking about ice cream.  Nancy has a $20,000 home freezer full of $120 a gallon ice cream.  The first video is Nancy showing us how she survived the Red Death.

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