Infoplease has great maps.  Poland seems to be the only country bordering Ukraine, that is willing to help.

Joe and the dems want you to buy an electric car.  One problem is 4 out of 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  Bernie will give two of his homes to the homeless.

Snow Geese in  The Centennial State.

Ron is protecting his children.

Washington State union teachers are amazing.  Citizens deserve to have their kids grow up living on the streets.


Vote against anyone Biden nominates.  Again, any R who votes for Judge Jackson should be ” primaried. “

Amazon opens a mental health facility.


Is the color blue or green ?

More news from Amazon.


The Land Editor:  What are/were the big deals in real estate recently, LL ?

The Watchful Cat:  The biggest was Putin moving into Ukraine.  Europe, the European Union, and NATO didn’t seem to care.  For some reason America’s MSM wants us to go to war.  One thing continues to be true.  The only secrets in America are Obama’s school records.

Here is a secret video Willow took of Joe giving secrets to XI.  It was almost nap time for Joe, so he had to talk fast.

Joe talks, but only weasels listen.  When Trump talks, everyone who wants America First listens.

The only building not targeted by Putin’s Welcome Wagons was Hunter and Joe’s condominium.

Obama asks Americans to suffer higher prices from Joe’s failed Ukraine policy.  O says he will give his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard to Ukraine refugees.  If Moochelle agrees he might even move back to Kenya.

I could find some poor church mice here.

Many old Rockers and stars are down-sizing.

This looks like a California school house in which the union teachers molest 5 year old children.

I wonder if masks will be required forever.

Bing’s old home.

The Sphinx has written more articles about this building than times Hillgal has forgiven Bill.  The construction firm didn’t drill down to bedrock.  The building started sinking and tilting when the concrete trucks drove out of sight, now it is sliding.  A good name for a song.  They should change the name from Millennium to What Happened.

MASH is a 5 Star movie and TV show.

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