Joe says he will stop buying Russian oil.  I will believe it when I can check the inbound ships.  He hasn’t told the truth in 60 years.  Remember the MSM is not your buddy.


Dolly looks like the Geico Lizard with sprinkles added.

The UN hasn’t represented freedom in over 50 years.

Maybe Joe and Putin are listening to the same spies, Vindman, Pigleosi, and Schiff.  If the allies keep the economic sanction on until the Rooskies return home, minus any Ukraine land, Putin may take the title away from Joe as the biggest military blunderer in 50 years.  The commies will need to  rebuild Ukraine and pay for thousands of deaths.

Maybe it’s cloudy and the Russian tanks are electric.

Those Hollywood people are just plain goofy.

There is no “don’t say gay” wording in the bill.  Disney is as woke as Coke.

Joe issues Executive Orders and waits for the Supremes to revoke them.  Joe did one immigration change twice.


The American Press continues to astonish–Pigleosi said Biden’s reaction to Russia’s invasion was brilliant, he went home to Delaware.

Rick is probably right.  Mitch did a good job on judges, but turned on Trump when he couldn’t use him anymore.  Mitch is a wealthy swamper.


Get a free kit for yourself, if you gift one to Nancy, Maxine, Hillgal, Dianne, Moochelle, The Squad, and the new Trans-Admiral.


The Rainers Editor:  What is new, LL ?

The China Cat:  Hollywood ( a branch of the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) has blacklisted Richard Gere for giving his opinion of China.

You might need this when the crash comes.

America should get away from corporate farms and animals that never touch the ground.

People will have sex anywhere.

DeSantis has good news about his wife.

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