Putin is a war criminal.

The Rainers have a new weapon.

Poor Jussie, another victim of having no independent thought.

The Chinese NFL has integrity.  I stopped watching them when I discovered they charged American taxpayers for Armed Forces Commercials.

Putin used a war plan made by Austin, Milley, and Joe, the architects of our Kabul disaster.

This is sad.

These goofballs should be Democratic Congressional members.

Texas is cleaning house.


Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 A.M. Sunday Morning.  Move the hour, 1 hour ahead before going to bed Saturday night.  For our Oregon readers, many devices with computer chips will automatically adjust.

Two A.M. is when the Democrats pass laws.


Sphinx readers verify the msm lies.

That woman AKA, looks like HRC to me.


This is why the R’s need to be unforgiving if they take back any part of the government.

It’s not related to vaccines.


The Zinc Oxide On My Nose Editor:

The Stay In The Shade Cat:  That probably works.  In The Sunshine State they are trying to get control of the students that come down for Spring Break.

As you can see the young adults can be, as we say in cat-speak, frisky.  This is a particularly difficult year because the guys stand on the sidewalk or sand and yell to the girls on balconies, show your ti*s.  The authorities are fearful that Lori Lightfoot might come visiting, and the crowd will yell, show your Big Dic*.

I sure hope the news people at her press conferences don’t yell, let’s go Lori–STD–like the LGB and FJB exhibitions of appreciation for Retarded Joe.



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