Ole Alec is a scummy Hollywood Liberal, elite snob, hate America, combination of O.J. Simpson, Bill Cosby, and Jussie Smollett.   LGBaldwin.

Here is a dramatization of Alec saying ” I don’t know nothing about loaded guns. “

This is good news.

What a trip.  I wonder where the drugs came from ?  These are Biden’s cadets.

The dems are trying to steal more offices.  The media are dem employees.

Vote Democratic.

Ron is right about the Commie Disney Group.  America Firsters should boycott Disney.  They are pedophile supporters.

Bowser is a  Democratic POS.

Impossible, Biden tries to blame record gas prices on Putin, not Trump.


Here is more evidence that the ancients were smarter than the BLM arsonist and democrats.


The Babylonians were pretty tough in the ancient days.


The Gothic Editor:  What does the Middle Ages have to do with current things, LL ?

The Gargoyle Cat:  The Enlightenment valued science, just like Joe, except when he doesn’t.

The first loyal reader to send a photo of a gargoyle that most favors Nancy or Schumer wins a trip to Peking and some Nike shoes.

If crows can change, maybe in 17 million years democrats have a chance.

Jumping ahead a few hundred years government officials are trying to figure out how to change SPACE WEATHER.

This is a Gothic-lite house.

Obama and Moochelle must be busy at Netflix.

This is Joe and the Democrat’s America.

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