Trump in the Palmetto State.

Get off my grass, you commie democrat.

The msm is a septic tank for life’s losers.

This is a repeat.  Boycott anything Disney.

Trump supports the Rainers.

The only things Garcetti supports are radical liberals.    LGG.

Joe is a POS.


Let’s just do it.


Just like The Scouts, Be Prepared.  If you missed that Sphinx–the girl and boy scouts now sleep in the same tents.


The Unselfish Editor:  What is greed about, LL ?

The World Citizen Cat:  Here is a good example of greed.  American companies can’t be satisfied to make products for about 333 million people.  There isn’t enough money for them.  After what can be shipped to foreign manufactures, the next step is to censor movies, news, information, etc., so China will let you into their markets.

They will never have enough money.  When China shuts down exports to us, our goose is cooked—remember the shortages from 3 months ago. 

We are finished as a functioning society.

These are two of our best HOR Democrats.  Greedy liars.

This was the dems Virginia Governor. A POS.  He is probably a lobbyist now.

Big business and the dems want cheap labor, votes, and people to occupy hotel rooms.

Golf is another Chinese franchise.

Politicians will curse you to your face and take your money for protection after de-funding the police.

You never know.

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