Make your basketball picks.  With a perfect bracket you can win a trip to Chicago or San Francisco.



Biden’s Army.

I can’t repeat this enough, Baldwin and Disney are the scums for this week.

Mexico has some news about Obama and his crooked Attorney General Holder ( another POS ).

Willow, our White House cat, captured Pigleosi and her dems at a Democratic Caucus.

Anybody who believes Beto is a FOOL.

This is why we need a strong President and honest DOJ.


Maybe Garland can get rid of the murderers, rats, and raccoons.



The South Pacific Editor:  Do you have a travel itinerary, LL ?

The Mariner Cat:  I have a good story or two.  The first one is true.  The only problem was that they were democrats from England.  The first thing they did was start inbreeding and going insane, like California, Oregon, or Loudoun County, Virginia.

This must be a great cruise, or not.

You could probably fit Columbus’ ships in this swimming pool.

Don’t make this trip.  If it is true, she is a fool.  The hikers who go to hike in Iran are fools.  It is probably safer than Chicago.

Here is a passenger, probably with a Kardashin butt, getting stuck on a cruise water slide.

This is the cruise for you, unfortunately it sailed in 1986.

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