Manchin is a great American.


St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.

Some bars in get-shot-city have closed.

We could use Patty in DC, to clean out a bunch of snakes.

Savannah, Georgia’s  celebration is the best.


Try this to return to normal.  With the rising Biden/Democratic gas prices you can only get half way to work.


Some of the hidden stuff.  What Happened to Fauci ?

Get rid of or protect the food source.  You could also learn to eat rats.


The Ole Time Editor:  Is Hillgal running, LL ?

Poll Cat:  She could run as a Demon-c-rat.  The dems have to give Kamala 100 million to retire.

Don’t listen to rich swampers.

Do this if you want a well balanced Marxist transsexual mental patient as a child.

Maybe more poor people will go Republican when Joe and the Democrats do this.

If you don’t have a million dollars, you are busted.  They don’t even want you to pawn your car.


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