If everyone in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC flushed their toilets at the same time it would float the ship.

USA’s woman of the year is a male, what about Lori in Chicago ?

More pay for Congress.

This catcher is in training for a future Congressman’s job.  He is stupid enough.  He should drink while in the dugout.

Amazon is closing a 1,800 employee building is Seattle.  That ole sanctuary policy is working great.  The employees should sue the Mayor, Governor, and Amazon.



Kamala tells the truth, we got what the Democrats promised.  Vote for them again.

The Communist Chinese Government has watched too many Dracula movies.  This movie could be Hillgal.

Does anyone believe the dems or repubs are going to audit millionaire campaign contributors ?

The system is corrupt/politicized with the MSM and dems.

Give someone a couple of thousand bribe and they will be fine.  It’s just like bribing the mayor.


Maybe your Spirit needs help.

Get job security by learning Mandarin.


The Amish have it made.  The second link shows why they didn’t churn any butter.

Mitch did a good job on judges, but is a Rich Swamper.


The Alice Editor:  What are some wonders, LL ?

The Nature Cat:  Here is a good choice.  The District of Columbia needs about a billion of them.

The winners this week are Lady Bugs.

Wonders for rent.

This is for sure, a wonder.  Pigleosi probably sailed on her.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a wonder.

Lynda Carter is a wonder.

Putin is wondering what went wrong or WHAT HAPPENED ?

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