Chicago justice, what a joke.  Where is she of the big member ?

Biden uses Chinese owned TikTok and California Perky Tart to explain economics to his Secretary of the Treasury.

Creatures living on a recently discovered ship, that would be at home in Nancy’s HOR.

Things are not good.

Protect your vehicle gas.  See if your vehicle can use a locking gas cap, and use other precautions.

The inflation will be here until the dems are sent back to the hog-wallow.


Everyone is for the one-world-consciousness until it takes away their power or money.

Maybe Putin just wants his spy returned.


The bill doesn’t want liberal/dems teaching 5-8 year old kids about masturbation and anal sex.  This cat has covered this for 5 years.


The Star Trek Editor:  What’s new in space, LL ?

The Lunar Cat:  This is a dramatization, make believe, of what a crash might have looked like.  One correction is that there is no dark side.

The moon has many effects on the Earth.

I bet every sun has satellites.

I guess the moon is just right by accident.

Steve Zodiac and Venus could fix any problem.


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