L.L. says this CROWN link is just so our loyal readers aren’t surprised by a new World Problem.  This is so you can contact your Senators and HOR members and get them going on a Constitutional Amendment.  She is working on an in depth article.

Amigo created a new acronym file so L.L. can keep in touch, it is called Short Hair Is Terrific.   She is on the trail.


This nominee fits right in with teaching 5 year old children about anal sex and other matters.  She also fits in with the CRT lies taught to kids.  She is unfit for any public office.

More breaking news.


If they do change it, will every computer chip/program in the world need to be corrected, like the Y-2-K fiasco.  As AOC wondered–how do the plants know when more sunshine is available ?

More Florida progress–take note Oregon.

The Republicans should be recruiting their Brown and Black brothers and sisters.  Get 51 % of Latinos and the wall will be built.

What do you see ?

One less commie in a key position.

Speaking of commies, Putin wants Alaska back.

Putin volunteers to punish some crooks that America’s DOJ refuses to indict.

These impersonators look like Kammy, to our many colorblind liberal readers.


This is why the Democrats have to be indicted and tried for crimes.  Pigleosi, Bowers, and Garland, are responsible for this feces.

Um,um, good.


It’s a scientific fact that Democrats still say Blacks and Hispanics are too stupid to get photo Identification.  They can enter without ID.


The Science Editor:  What is science, LL ?

Einstein Cat:  The following link is as good a definition as any.  Cats say it is the study of how and why things do what they do.

An example is wearing masks, most all studies say the only mask worth wearing is the N95 type.  After two years scientific evidence was un-censored.  Here is a great example.  Maryland Democrats want to make it legal to kill newborn babies.

The law should be amended to allow mothers to put the unwanted baby in any politician’s mailbox, or on their front porch.  Make a video and put it on social media.

Here is another view.

One thing that makes me not believe anything current scientists say is their covering up 90% of the COVID scientific facts.  They let the polluted media/government censor any opposing view.  Where is Fauci, killing more Beagles ?

Here is some social-science.  Tell the truth and your ratings will increase.  There aren’t enough MORAL DEGENERATES for all the lying msm stations.

Jussie gets justice.  Five months in jail and the other fines are no big deal.  Will Alec Baldwin get a harsher punishment ?


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