The names of the dogs sound like Biden’s Cabinet.

If the Republicans stick together, Manchin and Sinema might help them veto Jackson’s racist-liberal-radical-pedophile ideology.  She makes RBG look conservative.


Disney is a branch of the Radical Democratic Party.  Disney is where Communist go to learn even harsher Democratic Party Beliefs to teach your children.


Kyrsten is a good American.

The Press sux, but the football story is funny.

People are stupid.  Anyone meeting a stranger shouldn’t wear a blindfold or go to sleep.  He’s probably a Senator from Washington State or Oregon.

MSNBC saves Keith Olbermann for a future presidency job, when they are at the bottom of the fecal barrel, and desperately need a savior.  He can be located by following his slime trail.

Another cargo ship sinks.

Maybe Missouri ( the show me state ) politicians shouldn’t show so much, of ex-lovers.


Call Lori, she can help, or wait 5 months and Jussie will be out of jail.


A new look at geography.


The Peru Editor:  Are the Nazca Lines like the cocaine lines that Hunter Biden and his buddies snort, LL ?

The Parmesan Cheese Cat:  I read that he was looking in the carpet for cheese to snort.  These lines are from an ancient culture in Peru, somewhat similar to Oregon voters, but smarter.

There is a video in this link.

Here is a map with Peru.  It will help the BLM/Antifa Democrats get there, and plow them under since no Black people are depicted.

This is interesting.

Their bridge construction is something the citizens of Oregon or sanctuary cities will never accomplish.  They would Zippo the grass.

Coast To Coast A M  listeners will recognize this tune.

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