NCAA Sweet Sixteen news.  For Congressional members and teacher’s unions it is the final 16 college basketball teams.


California liberals kill a white man two months before the George Floyd killing.  There you go.

Trump accidentally catches Pigleosi and Schumer in his Cocaine Trap for Hunter.×475.jpg

The Russian Cosmonauts wear colors of the Rainers flag.


This is why all new food, drinks, or medicines should be tested on the Board Members families–of the companies that developed it.  About 20 years will show any deformities, mutations, DNA changes, autism, or other side effects.  I like the two mentions of ” not thought to be harmful, and experts suggest the genetic modifications are low risk. “

That is about as scientific as you can get–it goes right behind gravity as a scientific certainty.

I want more from the Republicans.  I want them to skip the Committee meeting to forward the nomination to the full Senate.  Play hardball for a change.

If the Republicans get the House, Schiff and Nadler need to investigated for 5 years of lying through 2 impeachments.  McCarthy isn’t tough enough to be Speaker.

I bet the AFT leader is a doofus.

Another Russian General is killed.


She has risen, like a Martha White Biscuit.


2024 is just around the corner.  3 million draftees can vote by mail.


The Fauna Editor:  What’s up with animals, LL ?

The Cat Reporter:  All kinds of things are happening in the animal kingdom.  Our loyal readers can decide this story.

Be prepared, don’t be a Joe or Vladimir.

There are Nancys, Joes, and Schumers everywhere when they see power and money.  You have to keep power from them.  It might take an oar, or even a Republican vote.

Remember, when the creeps try to saddle you with pedophilia for your 5 year old in school, let everyone into your country, charge you 10 dollars for a gallon of gas, and enforce laws only on non-democrats, it is time to throw the saddle of tyranny, injustice, oppression, servitude, slavery, censorship, pedophiles, and sub-human creatures.   Be a bucking bronco.  To paraphrase commie Karl Marx–you have nothing to lose but your reins.

You can click Karl’s tombstone and get a close up.  His grave looks pretty Capitalist to me.  Bury him in a hog wallow.

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