This is one of the more storied arenas in college basketball.

I sure hope the janitors in Congress don’t smear this stuff on desks, and liquor cabinets.

The arrogant Democrat Liberals respect you and want your vote.

All of the liars are changing their tune because of Midterms.  They want your vote.


This young woman rolled the dice and lost.  Social media lies more than the MSM.

I want to see how voters react in November.  The dems will destroy America over any talking point, like electric cars.

Politicians are caught the same way, then they go to work for Netflix or as foreign lobbyist.

Another Radical-Liberal-Democrat-Easy on Pedophile law breakers.

How would Jackson rule on yet another hidden school rape case in ex-Governor Northem’s Virginia ?


Be especially careful when posting about war.

Tulsi would be a good candidate if she would get off the electronic border wall idea.  Once a person is here you can’t send many back without a court decision.  Look at the world situation–the invasion needs a physical wall.


Those dems are serious.

Republicans need to increase local recruiting.  When they get 51% of support from Latinos the dems will close the border.


The Sand And Surf Editor:  Could you really write all day about the Californians, LL ?

The Slave Cat:  I sure could, but I would have to exclude about 6 other equally commie states.  There is no systemic racism in America.  This column is read in every country on Earth.  I have asked for 3 years for someone to send me an example. No one has.  To make it worse, California NEVER was a slave state.

The seven or so states that are sanctuary places would crash in a year if the dem/feds didn’t give them borrowed taxpayer money.

Ex-Baywatch star is now a home builder.

Almost news.

The nearest I could find is that this school is in Washington State.  Their bumper stickers say ” Making 6 year olds queer since 2020. ”  That sure beats ” my son is an honor student. “

Those Californians.  Crime has increased, and even encouraged.  It’s good for politicians.

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