RBG was a liberal, this creature is a Radical-Liberal-Marxist-Slimy Toad best suited as a local judge in the DC fecal swamp. Judge Sullivan in the DC area is just as repugnant.

This is historic, coming from the 9th Circuit.  Their office is in Peking.


The Republicans should boycott the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Jackson wouldn’t have her nomination sent to the Senate for a full vote. She wouldn’t even answer Senator McConnell’s question on her opinion on court-packing.


This is breaking news on the discrimination because of hair texture law.  It is almost in the order it happened.  We found out about the first link on the Tucker Show.

With inflation, the open border, gas at $7.00 a gallon in Californication, America filing for bankruptcy, the Russians killing entire nursery wards in Ukraine, and a little of the truth being revealed about Hunter, we can understand the urgency of a hair law.

I’m shocked it took so long to get it passed in the HOR.  When Nancy’s biddies put their beaks to the grindstone there is no stopping them.

The Cuomo brothers and Bill Clinton want to know if it applies to pubic hair.

This killer could be singled out because of his hair texture.

Here is some real news.

Pigleosi might pass another bill about scales on dems, and gill masks.

One more time. Masks give no significant protection against viruses.  The threat is to people with other health problems, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.  Kids with masks is the teacher unions abusing children with their authority,

I think this man threw the race to relieve public opinion pressure, much like the NYT says Hunter is a criminal a year after Joe is elected.


BREAK GLASS IN EMERGENCY–Our new tips to help in disasters.

Many people in The ex-Golden State leave cars unlocked to prevent thieves from breaking windows.


Don’t believe these crooks and liars.  Many of the sanctions on Russia don’t go in effect until June-it’s pretty sad.

This will show those Rooskies.


The Sphinx has always said that the children of politicians and rich people should be experimented on first.  We also, were the first to say that new drugs should be tested on the families of the Board Members of pharmaceutical companies.  Usually about 20 years will show any side effects.


The High Society Editor:  Where is the old new place to be, LL ?

Copa Cat:  It’s another opening for The Copacabana.  So far no one has been killed there.

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