This is she.

Hirono sounds as stupid as Justice Sotomayor and her comments on children with COVID. These people are isolated from everyday Americans.

Jackson is a Woke Judge–She should be impeached for violating the Constitution.

Loyal reader MST believes that Kamala has lost so many aids that she will begin hiring ex CNN/MSNBC sex offenders.



The Navy has been at work.

I hope these Texas Tornado scenes can be repeated, metaphorically, by Republicans blowing away sanctuary office holders, where possible.

The dems have already forgotten about Kavanaugh, tell your Senators that you haven’t.

I wonder if these work.

Europe has less ethics than America.

The Iowa citizens aren’t going to be happy losing their influence

Every little bit of war news is helpful.

I don’t believe any of the mistakes are mistakes.  All of the bad statistics were on purpose, to make Trump look bad.  The slimy toads are trying to look honest for the midterms.

Our winner.


BREAK GLASS IN EMERGENCY—like a food shortage.


Many readers want to know what happened to Rocco in the ” greed clip ” we show.  The original ending is the same as this, but with fewer shots, if my cat-memory is working.  Soldier realizes Rocco is a Democrat.

Don’t be fooled by a few truths from the MSM–midterms are around the corner.

Here is another truth, that is over two years late.  Fck the sleazy NYT.  Midterm elections are on the way.

If you want to know about fidelity among gibbons ask Hilgal or Bill Cosby’s wife.


Thirty percent of dems and repubs will always vote for their party.

Cuomo must have misplaced a 100,000 deaths.


Sleepy Cat:  I sure am.

Do you still think America is doomed, SC ?

For sure, these articles are from a doomed country.

Any country with a lying media is not free for long.  The bribe-taking-politicians will take care of themselves.

The repubs are as full of evil as the dems.  It’s all Bull Feces.  The only place anyone in Congress can go is to be a lobbyist or move over to MSNBC/CNN.

Another corrupt agency.

This couple is in the Democratic Small Business Plan.  Anything to help America.

Did Kamala kill two people in the Volunteer State,  SC ?

No, the two poor souls were, as we reported last week, killed by a Democratic Camel.

This is what The Atlantic, owned by Steve Jobs widow, is worried about in a nuclear war.

No country with self-respect, dignity, scruples, or ethical values would elect a bunch of moral degenerates like these creeps.  Kudos to the media.

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