Paul’s letter to Ephesus written from prison, where the book is dedicated to the new high calling of the Body of Christ community. This verse sets the stage for the theme of the book, referencing changes in “places” in heaven as a result of the crucifixion on earth. These heavenly “places” are mentioned at least 4 times in this epistle to Ephesus. When we compare Matthew 18:18 – “what is bound on earth is bound in heaven, what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven” – we can comprehend the power of the crucifixion’s manifestation in our authority over the supernatural “places” as we read this epistle to the Ephesians. This power is available to every member of the body of Christ that believes in Him, and has humbled himself before the throne of God in utter total repentance and forsaking of our natural condition of transgression. For some this may be a deeper process than for others, until the charitable and compassionate spirit of Christ abounds in us.

-Mark Wood-

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