This person is unqualified to be a judge–period.  Some facts are repeated, if Jackson is approved they will be repeated for 30 or 40 years, in every decision she makes.

The ” Johns ” in the sex rings are never released.  I have covered everything from the Mayflower Madam to Epstein.  They die or are covered up because they are politicians and/or rich.

This might be good news.

I reported a few days ago about the DOJ withholding 30,000 pages of Jackson’s decisions.

Maybe Judge Jackson could use this to try and remember if she is a woman, or even Black.

Starbucks is fighting the coffee shortage by serving cleaning-solutions.


This is where a female CEO of a product for women company is taking her women–the same place as the women who are letting males play in their sports.  You should wake up and start protecting your daughters from the woke BS.

These are great, and can be used at work or with friends.


Interesting races for midterms.

We’ll meet you half-way.  That is the dems third best lie, behind racism and walls don’t work.


The Be Prepared Editor:  Are you solving anything, LL ?

Lazy Cat:  No, just trying to get my hour of sleep back. 

The second link is for our readers who are indecisive, and need some guidance.  Amigo might open a franchise.

Be prepared for next St. Patrick’s Day, or just a place to relax from life’s problems.

These treats will disappear shortly, with 10 dollars a gallon gas, travel will be for Congress Members Only.

Fredo is smart and wants his money.  I guess there is no honor among thieves or sleaze bags.

What’s up here ?–permanently-n2604573

From their album–Let It Bleed.


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