Judge Jackson is a Woke-Marxist-Liberal.  She can’t even define the word woman.

What a person–we can’t use woman-she wouldn’t know what we are talking about.

St. Louis is still a criminal paradise.  You get what you vote for.


I don’t think McCarthy is the right person–scorched Earth is the right policy for these people, who tried to overthrow the Presidency.

This is probably the best buy in rat-city.

Speaking of rats, the dems are protecting mama rat. What a joke.

You should be prepared by now.  Will people with green or blue eyes be included ?

Jackson is a pedophile enabler.

Times have changed since Beach Blanket Bingo.  Now, it’s ambulance gurney ride.


Hunter is the man, and the NYT is the paper.  They are two peas in a pod, or crack pipe buddies.

Old out of date thinking has been updated at Airbnb.


These are wonderful choices.

The radical dems want to control America’s children.


The Digging Editor:  Is this about Archeology, LL ?

Maybe Cat:  Sometimes I think we should have every article fitting in a separate category like, sports, politics, science, etc., but things are always changing.  Take this Senator as an example, in his category he would win a Nobel Prize-like Obama for doing nothing.

TDE:  I have known for his entire political career that he is as unprincipled as Vladimir Putin or Hillgal.  He is a TWOFER in Sphinx Speak.  He claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran, which was a lie.  This comment made him a great politician ” Jane Fonda spent more time in Vietnam than Richard Blumenthal. ”  He is Connecticut’s Knight on a White Charger.

MC:  Another oldie is about Ted Kennedy who died several years ago.  He was against drilling for oil off the coasts, it might spoil his view in Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard.  Howell Heflin’s quote is included in these political pearls of humor.  One thing the Clinton’s never learned was people would forgive you if you told the truth.

This is titled like it is happening, it is a plan for the future.

Notre Dame makes the news again.


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