Go Cocks.

This is good news.

A majority of Florida Democrats support DeSantis’ protect the children law.

A couple of European Union members tell Little Fidel Trudeau to go back to Canada.

The reason Judge Jackson wouldn’t define what a woman is, is because it would throw a monkey-wrench in the whole Woke-I am what I say I am loony philosophy of the Radical Left Democrats.

I don’t believe words, photos, or anything else from the MSM.  They use more airbrushing and photoshops than the Kardashians.

Green must have identified as Becky Lynch, or maybe The Claw.


Here is a smart young woman, she got a phone that only handles calls and text messages.  They were called Brick-Phones 20 years ago.  She saved enough money to get new nose-rings.

Breaking News, Pigwoman will retire shortly, and work as a volunteer at the Helen Keller institute.

Her record shows that she treats pedophiles with leniency.

Jackson is a Woke Radical, but the dems don’t care.

Joe is a toad.


This is how Congress manages our Federal Budget.


What a cruise.

After exposure of the traitors in his first term, Trump or any other Republican should clean house.


The Great Literature Editor:   Did you find something interesting for our loyal readers, who are trying to better themselves, LL ?

Pulitzer Prize Cat:  I sure hope so, I want the Pulitzer Prize they gave Andrew Cuomo for writing that only two people died while he was mayor.  This article gives an opinion on best opening paragraphs of books.

This is a professionals list.

The meanings have changed on these words.

This is worth some type of award.

The Liberal dem scums have been trying to say for years that the word SHALL in The Constitution doesn’t mean must.  They want The Constitution to be a living document subject to changing when new judges are appointed.   Check 3-b.

Look, another best seller by a Democrat.  It’s a bribe for that special Google exemption from the law.

This is to make our readers aware of a new bunch of letters ( ESG ).


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