Trump has a Georgia rally.

Three more states protect girls from male athletes.

Maybe the R Judicial Committee members will go to Wall Street and rub the Bull.

No sane person is surprised.

Disney wants your 5 year old to learn about sex.  I have covered this a hundred times.  Parents can boycott Disney and vote for no sex or political messages for children.  ESPN is owned by the pedophile supporters.

Important news items.  That Tracy, is traveling the universe.

The only CRITICAL Joe knows is the Critical Race Theory ( CRT ).

It’s a sad story.

This is for our readers interested in the military.

Utah overrides the Governor’s veto–and separates the sexes in sports.


Stacey is coming, and don’t you forget it.  I hope the Enterprise has new Dilithium Crystals.

It’s hard to keep up.


O.M. beats the competition again.


The Puzzled Editor:  Did you think of the title, LL ?

1966 Cat:  No, I used an old Time Magazine cover as a guide.  This is about when the media began destroying the family, culture, manners, civility, common sense, individualism, and the universal citizen was born in America.  I use this cover, but replace God with Feminism.

TPE:  Do you, as the democratic-radical-liberals like to say, have scientific evidence, 1966 cat ?  This article isn’t to demean or make light of trans-people, but you can’t change the XX-XY and become a different sex.

The average woman let the arrogant media spoil the progress.  Feminism is dead.

Here are a few developments.  With the agreement of the Democrats, MSM, and greed–women don’t matter anymore.  As a matter of scientific fact—Men make the best women.  Here are some examples.  Bruce went from here to there–woman of the year.

Jeopardy has a new female champion.

This is the most egregious.  Men who are trans or any other variation are stronger.  They haven’t had menstrual cycles.  XX and XY chromosomes are different.  The baffling part of men participating in women’s sports is why the women do not show up.  Boycott the event, call in sick.  There is no help from any feminism group.  Maybe the National Organization of Women ( NOW ) need a man in charge.

One closing song twice.


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