What an Oscar Trip !!

Joe goes lower.

Jackson isn’t even qualified to be a Small Claims Judge.

McConnell is a bought off Swamper rich guy.

From what the Federalist article presents the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee can stop the nomination from going to the Senate for a full vote.

The Republicans on the Judicial Committee are shameless Dung Beetles.

In the interest of free speech, I’m sure the author means metaphorically.

The DC and Capitol government are in worse trouble, but they can fence-off the Capitol.


Go Donald.

This expert witness is expected to be called in the Jussie fiasco.  Michelle Obama can’t interfere again, she is tending carrots in her Hawaii Garden.


The Times, they are a changing.

Alabama patriot wins.  The colors are ugly.


The Capitalist Editor:  What is up with the government partners, LL ?

I Want Your Data Cat:  The Big Money people, and Bigger Business thieves are rolling along.  Here are a few news items from this week.

The main reason group sizes are overestimated is the media and their lies.  They broadcast the lies 7-24 for months and years at a time.  That’s all you hear unless you shop around.  I almost forgot the social-media censoring other views.

Shop around for a truthful news source.


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