I don’t understand Will Smith’s outrage over a joke about his wife’s shaved head when they have an open marriage, and both have sex with other people.  It’s all a Hollywood joke.

I’m going to defend your honor is laughable.  It was probably planned, like women’s nipples popping out at almost any event that has more viewers than a Pigwoman press conference.


These people have mental issues.  They need to get out of New York.  No wonder the dems get elected.

The feds can’t even correct one mistake, before wasting more BILLIONS.

We can watch North Korean Productions, instead of Disney Pedophile, in the future.

I was just wondering if Howard Stern and Hanoi Jane’s comment time was due.

Don’t get involved in a riot, when the MSM is a Democratic Party member.



You don’t have to comment on everything, but it might reveal Romney tendencies.

This can work for many personal shortcomings.


The Republicans should have fought every Biden nominee like the dems did Kavanaugh.

The unwoman already has 3 compadres on the Court.


Artist Editor:  Is it a Hunter Biden original, LL ?

The NYSE Cat:  No.  I am buying all of the continue lying stock and bonds that I can.  Amigo said the entire Democratic Octopus is based on the price of Bitcoin.  These are facts about the Whole Biden Clan Scam–dems and MSM are an integral part.

The MSM continues their lies.  It is not in chronological order.

The Bidens are a sleazy crooked family, so are the MSM, and dems that supported the whole corrupt Democratic Party.

These are from 3-20-22—3-23-22.


Home Depot gets a suspension for a month, until we can figure out if it is company wide or just from Tyrant Trudeau’s Cold North.

This is nothing new.  The MSM chose not to tell us.  Vote for the dems, again.

As Kamala would say, ” In Your Time “.


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