A Cat’s Opinion

The Ukrainians should announce to the world that they are not going to be a divided country like North and South Korea.  They should tell Putin to get out, including Crimea and the Eastern Provinces.  They should tell any citizens that want Russian control to move to Russia or be tried for treason.

They should announce that Putin will have to kill everyone, that they will send guerillas into Russia to burn down everything made of wood—much like the California fires.


Disney is a putrid house of degenerates.

California has never been a slave state, but they do support the reparations plan. No American taxpayer money can be used, only California state tax money.

The networks work for the Democratic Party.  They are a Political Action Committee ( PAC ).

The family is trash.  The government is rotten.


This is like the Bell Telephone System/AT&T before it was deregulated in the eighties for being a monopoly.  You rented your phone, forever, it was paid for after a few months, but Bell liked the deal.  Apple wants the same bonus money–I guess the Chinese don’t have enough extra for Apple.

Those silly stars.


This is the final test–no need for XX or XY test.


The What Is Going On Editor:  What’s up, LL ?

The Be Careful Cat:  These crabs remind me of Democrats.

I would be happy if this was free.

I doubt this will happen.  The liberals let them in.  Joe let 2 million into America in 14 months.

Joe’s buddies need the money.

This is the kind of Limousine Republican that local voters should vote out of office.

An unfair advantage doesn’t apply to men in women’s sports.

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