Today is April Fools’ Day.

Turn off your phones and computers for 10 seconds at Twelve Noon-Eastern Time.  Your network providers will blow the soot from the lines and towers.


Ron, Donald, Run.  The R’s had better have some poll watchers, and judges ready.

We covered this a few weeks ago.  More marriage of the government with monopoly businesses.  As long as there are original ID’s in your pocket the only harm done is Apple selling your personal information to the world.


Manchin needs some guidance.  MST has already predicted that the National Debt of 30 Trillion will never be repaid, but before long the interest on it will be a Trillion a year.

Spartacus is shown today to remind everyone that is not a smelly democrat to be sure and vote in the midterms.

I can’t figure out the rotation on how the MSM gives these weasels broadcast time.  On the 27th it was Mike Wallace and Spartacus.  It is about time for Howard Stern and Hanoi Jane to say something stupid.

A little election bribery.

Those dems are a trip.

Maybe the Democratic Party will die from internal rot.  Tulsi said it in 2016.

Maybe this will help Trump in his lawsuit.


I hope Trump has Hillgal and the DNC hire so many attorneys that they have to employ Avenatti on his work-release days.

Stormy could be his law clerk.

After reading this the Putiners will go back to the Mongolian border.


CNN is gaining viewers.

So long Liz, I hope.


The Past Editor:  Is your article about the history of the world, LL ?

Just 3 or 4 Events Cat:  No, just a few things.  The BLMers, and Oregon people might not know that things happened before they were old enough to read Das Kapital.  This one is sad.

The Egyptians were Master Builders.

Kenya has current problems that might make the past unimportant.

The Californians will soon legalize terminating everyone over 70 except movie stars, the rich, and politicians.

There won’t be anymore California girls.


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