Florida might repeal a special law for Disney that lets it make its own laws in Disney World.  I wonder how much in bribes that cost.  Big Business has to be controlled.


See how your Senators vote.  Pedophile support is a growing business.

Jen moves to another branch of the Democratic Party ( MSNBC ).

Biden wants to have gender teaching at day care, and worse.

Another state protects girls in sports, from males with mental problems.

The Democrat/Biden inflation will cost every household $5,200.00 this year.

Take down Old Glory and leave the transgender flag.

Most everyone has read about the Billionaires influencing elections.


This ancient city was in Illinois, it probably had a lower murder rate than Chicago.

Governor Noem is protecting her citizens.

We are half way there with the MSM, Twitter, Google, etc.


This is a great idea.

If you want your computer cleaned call Hillgal.  Anything up to 30,000 emails scrubbed.


The Windmill Editor:  Are you knowledgeable on energy, LL ?

Nuclear Cat:  I sure am.  Anyone who says nuclear energy is clean is a fool.  The waste last 100,000 years.   It sits in storage ponds like this one.

I wonder who is getting taxpayer money for electric vehicle production.

This is science, not Biden’s lies.

If you could capture the sun’s energy for 2 days it would power human needs until the earth was destroyed by the sun.

It’s rough out there.


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